Bay Area Company We are an Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations company with professionals around the world committed to providing our clients the scale to reduce costs and improve the ability to compete. We provide Enterprise AM&PR concept, development and management of a company in all critical Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations area of a business enabling the company focus on it's core competency. Our services are scalable so that clients pay for what they need when they need it. We serve across various industry segments to be a value-added partner for our clients. We are based in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

“We provide Enterprise AM&PR”

Our service offerings are scalable so that clients do not pay for what they do not need. We serve across various industry segments to be a value-added partner for our clients.

Our Approach


Advertising, Marketing & PR

Marketing Company

AM&PR industry has undergone a dramatic change with technology advancement. Web presence is a center piece in all Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations of a company. If you’re not on the web, you do not exist. It’s critical for any business to have a targeted web presence that is developed and managed carefully. We combine the traditional AM&PR with web, social, market automation using e-commerce or social platforms and custom development to provide solutions. At Amerinde, our clients benefit in terms of cost, time and effort from our multi-lingual professionals located in different time zones working round the clock. Our services are result oriented which target areas like lead generation, customer engagement and social or e-commerce and multi-currency global portals using Fulfillment centers and Spot Payment gateways.

"Not on the web? You don’t exist"


At Amerinde, our clients benefit in terms of cost, time, effort and coordination from our smooth and efficient work flow across platforms of Advertising, Marketing, Pre-Post PR and Public Relations running in parallel or stages.

Our Model


Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology provides choices based on specific business needs to select the right marketing technology and automation tools to get results that are timely, measured and spending budgetable. Marketing automation makes generating new business and building relationships with customers easier. Marketing tools can generate qualified leads, manage and measure results of social media and social commerce efforts. Traditional advertising, marketing and public relations (AM&PR) is not enough. E-commerce platforms are tied into customer engagement using social media actively.

"Traditional AM&PR is not enough!"

At Amerinde, we stay informed on the latest trends so we can educate our clients on a best suited combination of cost-effective solutions within their marketing budget. We're proud to be the first Silicon Valley company to offer Marketing Technology related service for small, medium and large businesses.



Latest Projects

Latest Projects

Short About Us


We are an IBOB Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations (AM&PR) company.


Brand concept development or brand enhancement, web presence development and management, marketing technology tools, e-commerce systems, social commerce, market intelligence, global portals and web legal compliance.


Your Business Stage


  1. Plan early and in steps
  2. Choose service level
  3. Match it up with scale
  4. Extend AM&PR budget
  5. Keep fixed costs low
  6. Buy only what you need
  7. Jumpstart web presence
  8. Increase market visibility
  9. Be found on internet
  10. Build Organic SEO


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